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Chera Dwip, Best attraction of St.Martins island in Bangladesh

Chera dwip/Cheera-dwip is an adjacent of St. Martins Island though it seems divided during the high tide. Though you can hire any boats at different cost but walking still the best option while you are around the island.It may take around 3 hours from the spot which is nearer to it and you must wear a sandal so that there is not harm from some sharp corals. Thousands of corals whether they be dead or alive are all around this tine island. A small bush also to be found which is only tells about the green and the beauty. There is no chance to live there so you will not find place to stay, but there are decent chance to have some coconut drinks. You are adviced to get there soon after the water gets down in the morning around 10 am but you must get back before 3 pm.

chehra dwip
chera-dwip,st martins bd
chera dwip at saint martins island
chera dwip at saint martins
corals at chera dwip

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