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Visit to St Martin’s island in Bangladesh

St Martin’s Island is one of the growing winter vacation destination among travel seekers in Bangladesh and around. The only coral island is having some very attractive sightseeing like walking to chera dwip, cruising, snorkeling and diving, etc. This is located in the northeast part of the Bay of Bengal, just 9km south of the tip of Tecknaf peninsula.It is also called Narikel Jinjira or Coconut Island as you will find thousands of these trees along the beaches around and inside.

On the mouth of the Naf River the island is attracting thousands of visitors in the season which usually starts from early october when the usual monsoon stops and till it starts in April each year. Keari Sindbad is one of the favourite ship to get you there which starts 9.30 am in the morning from Technaf jetty and get you there in the noon.

Tourist attractions of St. martins:

Saint Martin’s island is famous for its marine life. The southern side of the island is having mangrove forests,turtles and coral reef at Chera dweep. Visitors usually walk in the morning and get back before high tide and its also well known for scuba diving or snorkelling in the Bay of Bengal.

The moonlit night provides a lonely peaceful sitting to watch the waves or for walking on the beach.

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