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Top tips whilst travelling with the family to Saint Martin’s Island

This is a Guest Post by Alamgir Mohiuddin. He is a Blogger and loves to write on travel. He is writing on Blogging Wonders:Daily Blogging tips and tricks

If you are planning a trip with the family that would be a fantastic idea.  Hope everyone would enjoy it.

In Bangladesh there are a few locations where you will have a Reliable and save accommodation available for your family and if you have a kid with you. Cox’s Bazar and Saint Martin’s island are these two. CB is a booming tourist hub at the moment but SMI still have peaceful atmosphere, where you can enjoy a decent serene sea life.

There are several small cottages across the island and most of the are affordable with all modern facilities exist. So, here are some tips for you which would help you a lot:

  • Take some small toys for your kids as every cottage has a nice garden where they can play [I assume you will be staying for some days.]
  • Take a first aid box with necessary medicines in it.
  • Mobile rechargers and a kerosene stove with oils. It might help for cooking if the cottage doesn’t have food facilities.
  • Take some dry foods like a full tin of Biscuits.



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